• FREE prenatal visits for expecting parents
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Timely Well-Visits and Vaccinations
  • Vision and hearing screening
  • Age-appropriate developmental evaluation
  • Oral health assesment (fluoride varnish)
  • Positive Parenting Tools
  • Consultation for behavioral issues
  • Labs (lead, hemoglobin, rapid strep test)
  • Sports physicals
  • Common office procedures (foreign body removal, nebulizer treatments for asthma, ear piercing)
  • Pre-surgical clearance
  • Obesity Prevention
  • Disease specific action plans
  • Adolescent health (sexually transmitted disease prevention)
  • Life Success and Wellness coaching

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CHADIS (Child Health and Development Interactive System)

Padder Health Services has partnered with CHADIS Padder Health Services has partnered with CHADIS (Child Health and Development Interactive System)to provide you with the opportunity to complete some of your child’s required health and developmental screenings online before coming to your well child visit.

Developmental Screening – Rationale
We will monitor your child’s development at each well child visit. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using standardized screening questionnaires at the 9, 18 and 24-month well-child visits to improve early detection of developmental delays. In order for this diagnostic tool to be successful, we need your help in completing these brief questionnaires at least 3 days before your visit. We will review the results of the questionnaires prior to your visit and be able to address any concerns during the visit.

Instructions for using CHADIS
  • Go to the following website: www.CHADIS.com
  • In the left column, click on “New Users Register Here”
  • Under “New Users”, use the following invitation code (which is the same as our office phone number) 4435429935 (Columbia) and 3014984700 (Laurel)
  • Enter in your name (not your child’s) for the first and last name
  • Your e-mail address will become your username. Create a password and then click on “Register”
  • On the next screen, click “login” and then on “enroll a new child.” You will now be prompted to enter your child’s name and other information about your child
  • Under visit type, select “Regular checkup visit”. If all goes as planned, you will see the age appropriate tests for your child. If not, please call the office. Select “begin” and complete all questionnaires listed. Please note that it is normal to have some questionnaires with questions that seem too mature for your child.

Adolescent Patients
Important note for check-ups of children age 13 and above: In addition to a brief parent questionnaire, there are two additional questionnaires for your child to complete on his/her own.

They will have the notation “Please have teen complete.”

Your teenager can complete these either through your CHADIS login/password or create his/her own CHADIS account.

If he/she chooses to create his/her own account, then he/she will choose “self” as the relationship to the patient. You can reassure your child that once he/she submits the completed questionnaires, the responses are confidential and only the office of Padder Pediatrics office will be able to view the results.